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Sherlock Holmes and the West End Horror

a who-dunnit mystery with music

by Marcia Milgrom Dodge and Anthony Dodge

based on the novel The West End Horror by Nicholas Meyer

presented by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing

Thank you to all of the incredible artists who shared their talents and worked together without even knowing it to create something truly unique and necessary for the time we're living in.

The cast includes Tim Acito, Sean Ayala, Emma Barishman, Melody Baugh, Lauren Taylor Berkman, Jeanette Bonner, Matthew Bovee, Trevor Bunce, Sharayah Bunce, Todd Buonopane, Eddie Capuano, J. Ryan Carroll, Jennifer Cody, Diego Colachagua, Evan Constantine, Jordan Constantine, Brandon Contreras, Sarah Corey, Archelaus Crisanto, Mike DiSalvo, Nathan Yates Douglass, Missy Dowse, Deshja Driggs-Hall, John E. Elliott, Christae Evanson, Tara Forseth, Hunter Foster, Andy Frye, Wyatt Gainer, Carolyne Gallo, Christopher Gibbs, Jackey Good, Cat Greenfield, Mareau Hall, Thaura Hall, Troy Hall, Maggie Hilliard, Michael Thomas Holmes, Amy Jo Jackson, Michael Kostroff, Richard Lafleur, Ben Liebert, Mark Liebert, Corbin Mayer, Billy Mitchell, Nick Morrett, Charlotte Morris, Julia Murney, Olivia Clari Nice, Kevin Ohlweiler, Michael Padgett, Ruth Pferdehirt, Erin Quill, James Lloyd Reynolds, Jeff Ronan, Dana Sayre, Adam B. Shapiro, Anne Marie Snyder, Victoria Rae Sook, Tara Lynn Steele, Becky Elizabeth Stout, Carmela Suozzi, Paula Suozzi, Jenna Tyrell, Luke Tyrell, Dorothea West, Jonathan West, Mathieu Whitman, Lydia Wildes, Kirsten Wyatt, Angela Zuidmulder, Ethan Zuidmulder, and Lane Zuidmulder.


The "Musicals from Home" theme is by Jill Abramovitz and Brad Alexander, the "Sherlock Holmes" theme is by Sean Nowell, and incidental music is provided by Max Bennett-Parker, Susan Dantoni, Rachel Kaufman, Domingo Mancuello, Matthew M. Nielson, Dan Pardo, Jay Rosen, D. Zisl Slepovitch, and Micah Young. Songs by Gilbert & Sullivan.  Sound Effects by Josh Liebert.

Kirsten Wyatt and Ben Liebert


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