Ben Liebert jumping and pointing


"Patsy (Ben Liebert...) has more bright side optimism in his tap shoes than most who set foot on that stage." Jess Ardrey, LITTLE ROCK SOIREE


"Scuttle (Ben Liebert), who gives off a Billy-Crystal-in-'The-Princess-Bride' vibe, proves once and for all that seagulls definitely know how to tap dance." Jess Ardrey, LITTLE ROCK SOIREE "Scuttle the seagull (Ben Liebert) has to be the funniest of all with his mangled language skills, tap dancing and general merriment." Jack W. Hill, ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT GAZETTE


"Each musical number includes memorable performances, including such standouts as the wonderful gangster team of Ben Liebert and Elliot Mattox, who add a touch of vaudeville to the craziness. They're song and dance men a la perfection." Barbara Clark, BARNSTABLE PATRIOT "But the show's real scene stealers are Ben Liebert and Elliott Mattox as gangsters posing as pastry chefs, who serve up tasty pun-filled routines." Johanna Crosby, WICKED LOCAL


"Liebert isn't as big a Motl as we've seen in the past; in fact, he's near tears with pride and happiness at the end of his sensitive "Miracle of Miracles" ("Nisimlekh-Veniflo'oys"). You will be, too..." David Gordon, THEATREMANIA "There are times when this less flamboyant approach is a clear improvement, such as Ben Liebert’s performance as Motel the tailor...his timidity seems more natural, and more credible." Jonathan Mandell, NEW YORK THEATER "Ben Liebert is outstanding as Motl, the tailor who finds his backbone because of his love for Tsaytl." Christopher Byrne, GAY CITY NEWS


"A crowd favorite was Boq, the munchkin played by Ben Liebert. Having seen Liebert on the Broadway stage, it is apparent that he continues to bring a sincere freshness to the role." Carrie Gruman-Trinker, GANNETT WISCONSIN MEDIA "Ben Liebert's Boq, the Munchkin, exudes a David Sedaris-esque obsessive-compulsive drive. " Tony Brown, THE PLAIN DEALER


"My favorite number was Ben Liebert playing Reuben, a beret loving Frenchman in 'Those Canaan Days.' It was flawlessly over-the-top perfection that left you wanting more. " Ian Charles, SOUTH FLORIDA INSIDER "Stand-out performances are given by Ben Liebert as Reuben in a very French version of 'Those Canaan Days'...A beret-clad Liebert controls both the comic and musical beats of his number admirably all the while rolling his r's and pensively smoking his cigarette. " John Lariviere, TALKIN' BROADWAY


"Ben Liebert...comes close to stealing the show as the hick Willard Hewitt. He shuckses and gwarshes and toughs around throughout Act 1, then really kicks it in for his 'dance lesson' and the novelty song 'Mama Says' in Act 2." Victor R. Yehling, special to the REGISTER STAR


"The standout performance was Ben Liebert as Gaston's sidekick, the homely, whacky LeFou....He was good as reporter Pat Gilbert's photgrapher-sidekick Charlie in last year's 'State Fair.' But his previously unseen flair for physical comedy makes him a truly inspired choice to play LeFou. He's the 'go-to guy' for sidekicks and slapstick." Tom Wrona, THE BEACHCOMBER


"Liebert takes on the role of Igor, stepping into the shoes of the incomparable Marty Feldman like he was his twin...In a sea of leggy dancers and tall, beautiful characters, he is the pint-sized comedy capper you can't get enough of." Ellen Dostal, BROADWAY WORLD "Everyone in the cast really shines, though Liebert steals the show as Igor. Every comic line lands, his phsycal comedy is incredible and his singing voice is rather lovely. Best of all, he is hopelessly likable up there on stage, even when he’s stepping on bugs and eating them. Liebert alone is worth the price of admission." Jane Holahan, LANCASTER ONLINE


"Ben Liebert is delightfully geeky as Seymour Krelborn. Along with being in fine voice throughout the performance, Liebert tackles Seymour’s arc remarkably well and gives much heart to this wonderful character. ...Liebert and [Christine] Sherrill’s portrayals of Seymour and Audrey serve as the emotional anchors of the evening and give fresh takes on these iconic roles." Josh Rittberg, THE SNAPPER


"Ben Liebert is equally memorable as Roxie’s downtrodden husband Amos Hart. Liebert (previously seen in Theatre Aspen’s “Avenue Q” and “The Full Monty”) manages that rare trick in musical theater: real emotional honesty. He takes a stock character — in this case the earnest sad sack — and renders him not just believable but achingly human, as evidenced in the tender showstopper “[Mr.] Cellophane.” Plus, he has the chops of a top-notch song and dance man." Julie Comins Pickrell, ASPEN TIMES