The Portable Numer Line
Number Line Border.png

Perfect for Dance Instructors, Stage Managers, Choreographers, Studio Owners, and more!

Made of high grade fiberglass mesh and durable vinyl numbers, "The Portable Number Line" has an anti-skid backing to prevent shifting.  Your line will go down in seconds, stay flat, and roll up tight for storage!

How to set up in
  1. Unroll "The Portable Number Line"

  2. Align the "0" with the center point of your space.

  3. Secure your line with gaff or spike tape at the reinforced spots.

That's it!  You're ready for consistent spacing and great performances!

Why use "The Portable Number Line"?

  • Consistency no matter what studio you rehearse in or stage you perform on.

  • Get great spacing and clean formations with large, easy-to-read numbers.

  • Saves valuable set-up and breakdown time.

  • Reusable and light weight.

Available Sizes

"The 20-to-20" (40 ft)   $40

"The 18-to-18" (36 ft)    $35

Custom sizing available.

Inquire below.

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