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You have the talent, learn what to do with it

The Biz of Show is one on one career coaching for actors at any stage of their careers.  I've helped people who are still in school, fresh out, or business veterans who have just hit a funk.  My students have signed with agents, gotten their Equity cards and, most importantly, booked work.

The program is 12 sessions long, spread over 24 weeks.  We meet on your schedule over video chat.  We will focus on your needs, your hangups, and your successes and make a game plan to help you achieve your goals.

I've got a few slots open,

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"TBOS totally changed my audition game. They asked the hard questions and challenged me to open myself up to new possibilities. Ben was there to both shove me off the cliff when I refused to jump and also to hold my hand through the toughest moments. I used to give forgettable performances in auditions and now I get the creative team laughing and talking with me every time I'm in the room. TBOS helped me solidify everything from song choices to wardrobe so that I could be comfortable and confident in every audition situation. "

"The Biz of Show changed my life. Full stop. Though the program, I learned how to better balance who I am as a human being and who I am as an actor. Ben is a guardian angel who answered every email and random question I could come up with to help me get a better understand of how I fit in this insane business. His understanding of how the industry works is what dreams are made of. Adding to the amazing program that MelRob developed, I now have a set of tools now to help me succeed that I didn't even know I needed. I have been living in NYC for a few years and was trying to take my career to the next level. The Biz of Show helped me get there and beyond. Their unique way of understanding type and how find exactly what works for you is revolutionary. I feel so much more confidant about what I am bringing to the table, and I am so grateful for Ben and the six months I got to spend with this program. "

Ben Liebert Biz of Show
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